Cake Care Instructions

When it comes to celebrating special moments, nothing quite compares to a beautifully crafted cake. As a baker, your job goes beyond creating a delicious masterpiece. You also need to set your clients up for success in getting your creations picked up and transported to their final destinations!  Our Cake Care Card allows you to share easy handling and storage tips while giving clients some peace of mind. You can place these little cards inside the box or hand them to the customer. 

Keep scrolling for a FREE Printable Cake Care Card! 

Safe Transportation

Transporting a cake safely from your bakery to its destination is crucial for preserving its appearance and taste. This care card provides clear instructions for clients on how to transport cakes in a car. It even has temperature storage information. You can also customize your Free Printable Cake Care Card with any additional information specific to your cakes! 

Protecting Freshness and Flavor

My care card also includes tips for storing any leftovers, including how to freeze cakes.  Providing clear instructions on how to store cakes ensures that your client can enjoy any leftovers and they will taste as good as the day you made them! 

Edit and print the care instructions below, attach them to your boxes, and send your clients off with the knowledge to transport and present their cakes with love. 

Teaching your clients how to take care of their cakes is important if you want to create a good experience for them. But you also want to make sure you’re covered if something goes wrong. Our Free Cake Order Form includes an area for the client to sign when they pick up the cake. In that section, they acknowledge that they are taking full responsibility of the safe transport of the cake. On top of protecting you from any careless handling of your cakes, this order form will help you have a more streamlined process for creating your cakes. Trust me, you are going to love this  Free Cake Order Form

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