French Macaron Care Instruction Card

Anyone that’s tried baking French Macarons knows that these trending treats can be very tricky to master. However, once you’ve perfected their production, they are an incredibly popular (and profitable!) item to offer on your menu. Once you’ve got your technique down and are pumping French mac orders out of your kitchen, it’s important that you give some instructions to your customers on how to care for them. Then, they can make it to their final destination tasty and intact. That’s why I’ve created this simple printable guide for teaching your clients how to care for their macarons.  Keep scrolling for a FREE Printable French Macaron Care Card! 

Preserving Freshness and Flavor

Sending off your gorgeous French macarons with a care instructions card is a thoughtful gesture. But it’s also the best way to help your clients preserve their freshness and flavor. By providing clear guidelines on how to store and present the macarons, your clients will have a better client experience – which can make them more excited to order from you again!  Satisfied customers are more likely to become repeat customers and refer others to your bakery.

Maintaining The French Macaron Appearance

Macarons are delicate, with eggshell-like tops which can crack easily. So, teaching your clients about proper handling is important! It ensures that the macarons don’t end up squished and ruined by unwitting customers as they place them out for display, and it helps your client feel more confident about serving these treats! The little details, like a care instructions card included with each order, enhance the client experience and set your bakery apart. This way, you’re creating a memorable experience for macaron enthusiasts! 

Print these instructions and attach them to your boxes to help clients understand how to care for their French Macarons and store any leftovers. 

Teaching you how to create an experience that will keep clients coming back is something we talk about in our courses! These courses are designed to help you take your baking business to the next level without stress and overwhelm. If you’re looking for more helpful tips and ways to grow your business, check them out!

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