I started my bakery, Delish Cakery back in 2009 out of my parents kitchen with no equipment and no formal training (oh to be young and confident!) and have been baking my heart out ever since! 

Bakery Owner, business coach, & master of converting pastries to profits!

Hi, I'm Aryn!

• How many employees do I need?

• Do I have the right insurance?

• How do I find customers?

• Am I even making a profit off of this?

• Should I have a storefront?

Before I knew it I was making big decisions like:

Bakery Owner, business coach, & master of converting pastries to profits!

For over a decade I have navigated these bakery business challenges and more!


Through the years I have gained priceless experience with several business models including home baking, running a storefront, wholesale and finally finding my niche, creating fabulous luxury wedding cakes!

Today Delish Cakery is a consistently performing multi-six figure business.

Being a bakery entrepreneur has given me the freedom and creative outlet a corporate job could never offer. I’m able to be with my daughter every day so I’m present for every little milestone while still contributing to my family’s financial well-being.  

Moreover, I am honored to be commissioned to create show-stopping cakes to celebrate my client’s happiest occasions. 
But figuring it all out would have been so much easier if there had been a bakery business playbook that was realistic about the business side of running a bakery.

Instead, the inner cogs of the baking industry quickly turned from rainbow sprinkles and buttercream daydreams to grappling with wafer thin profit margins, sky-high overhead, vague cottage laws, and way too many time-sucking decorating tutorials. 

It breaks my heart to see bakeries go under and I’m incensed that it’s hard to find a bank that will offer business loans to bakeries because we’re seen as high-risk! 

I created Bake it Work to help bakery entrepreneurs beat the odds and find the success that I have, bettering themselves and their families by earning a living wage without being doomed to burnout. 

I understand how hard you’re working, Bakery Boss, because I’ve been there. I see you sacrificing your nights and weekends to perfect your craft. I know that starting a business is a huge financial commitment.

For all your hustle you deserve to succeed. But unlike my story, you don’t have to walk into this journey blindly. And that’s what Bake it Work is all about.

But getting here was anything but a cakewalk!

I like to call these the "experimental years".  I tested and found success with several business models including wholesale, retail, and shippable products

Today I run a by-appointment private cake studio that specializes in luxury wedding cakes.  I'm a new mom to the sweetest baby girl and my business structure allows me to strike the perfect balance between earning an income doing what I love and being present for all her little milestones!

I started becoming more intentional about running my business and found my niche, becoming known for buttercream wedding cakes featuring handmade sugar flowers



Delish Cakery opened its first brick and mortar location, a retail storefront offering cupcakes, party cakes and more!


I started my bakery, Delish Cakery our of my parents kitchen with no equipment, no formal training, and literally no idea what I was doing!  



My journey

Now it's your turn bakery boss! 

I can't wait to be your businesses most enthusiastic cheerleader, I am committed to helping your bakery business be successful!

Every bakery boss deserves to earn a stable income while creating products they love!  Bake it Work was founded so that I can pass along everything I know about building a thriving bakery business.  Let's get to work! 

I help bakery owners find success in business


We're cooking up a podcast so you can listen in on hot tips and advice for running your bakery business while whisking away in the kitchen!  

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