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How To Ask Happy Clients For Reviews

In this video I will walk you through the steps for how to ask happy clients for reviews and how to find your google review link. If you would prefer to read, scroll past the video for the text version!

Yay! A client has just called or texted to tell you how much they enjoyed your work. You’re pleased, the customer is happy and it can’t get better than that – but it can!

Asking your clients for reviews will help your future business immensely, and you should implement this practice as soon as you are able.

I myself am guilty of not following this advice for many years and I am still kicking myself that I was not doing this earlier. Reviews are absolute gold!

Multiple good reviews will bump you up in search engines which is crucial for helping customers find your business. Even more importantly, it instills confidence in the customer that choosing you to create their baked goods will be the best choice. If you are able to make so many other clients happy surely you will do a great job on their order too!

Asking for a review from a happy customer isn’t very complicated, but it is important to make it easy for them to do. I think the best method is to ask AND provide links directly to the pages you want reviews on. That way all the client needs to do is simply click a button and leave their feedback! They are far more likely to leave a review if they don’t have to put in a ton of effort to find your review pages on their own. I pair my review links with a canned response (that I have saved in my notes on my phone) that tells them how great their good feedback made me feel, as well as how much of an impact their good review would make for my business. Heres my canned response, feel free to copy and use yourself!

Response to good feedback:

Thank you so much for your feedback, it really made my day! If you have time I would love if you could leave us a review, it makes a tremendous impact on my business (links below). I hope to bake for you again soon!

Now we have to actually supply the links to our review pages to our clients. I add them to the bottom of my thank you message. All good reviews are great, but I particularly love google reviews. I’ve put together a video tutorial above to show you how to find your google review link. Let’s get those good reviews rolling in!

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